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Media Style LondonReview offer An In-depth Review of Different Requirements for Different Types of Female Models

When it comes to a career path you wish to go ahead on, it always a smart idea to do some research about what you are getting into and the options open to you. The same applies to the field of modeling. According to the industry experts at Media Style London, there are many sectors within the field of modeling and an individual might be well suited for a certain kind of modeling assignment and not so much for the next. To understand what sector of modeling you are best suited for and where you fit right in; it is important to review the different requirements for different kinds of models. Read further to know more.


Media Style London -Editorial Model

According to the industry specialists at Media Style London, the requirements from a model is mainly physical in nature and editorial models often need to meet the industry standards set for them. Editorial models are the kind you would generally come across in fashion magazines wearing and displaying the beautiful creations of the world’s leading fashion designers. It is important to note here that these designers do not make clothes to fit the model but instead the model has to possess certain physical measurements to fit into these garments. The experts at Media Style Londonwill tell you that these required measurements are usually a bust size of 33”, waist 23” and hips 33”. The height requirement for editorial models is 5.9 minimum to 6.0 feet tall.


Media Style London – Runway Model

Runway models are the kind that you are most likely to see on the ramp playing the role of living hangers for haute couture and prêt wear. The required measurements for these models are 34” bust, 23” waist and 33” hips. Often time’s runway models also double up as editorial models. The height requirement here is 5.9 minimum to 6.0 feet tall.

Media Style London – Commercial Models

Commercial models can be of any shape and size and are generally assigned jobs that involve promoting products and consumer durables. These models are also of varying ages.

Media Style London – Plus-Sized Models

Plus-sized models are generally measure garment size 12 and up and often take on jobs that involve both runway and editorial modeling.

Media Style London – Mature Models


Models between the ages of 49 to 60 are considered mature models and have access to all sorts of modeling assignments. These older models are often assigned jobs as runway and editorial models but primarily serve as commercial models.

In conclusion; once you have gone through this review of different requirements for different kinds of models with input from the specialists at Route 66 Models, we are confident that you will have a clear vision as to where you fit in as a working model.

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