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Media Style London

Looking to Become a High Fashion Model?

Modelling is a very desirable profession for many young people, both for women and now increasingly for young men too. Many aspire to reach the heady heights of becoming a top fashion model and living the jet-set lifestyle often seen with famous supermodels.


Media Style London understand many aspiring models will go on to have a successful career in modelling, but few will make it to the top to become a high fashion model in what is a very competitive sector of the whole modelling industry.

The strict demands placed on models by top fashion houses means that very few actually make it to the high fashion catwalks.

Media Style London  always try and encourage models and new talent, you should not become discouraged if it is your dream to become one of the next top fashion models. New, fresh-faced models are being discovered every day by talent scouts and modelling agencies.


Quite often it has been a combination of natural talent and sheer good luck that has helped some of our countries top high fashion models get to where they are today.

Regardless of being in the right place at the right time, you will still need to posses all the necessary ingredients that modelling agencies and scouts are looking for. You should always be prepared. To not be prepared could mean you missing out on your lucky break.

Modelling Platform For High Fashion Models – Media Style London 

Traditionally, modelling agencies have always been the main suppliers of models to fashion houses and high fashion brands. However, with the rise of the internet it has become much easier for fashion model scouts to discover new and aspiring fashion models online. Through professional modelling platforms, such as Media Style London, aspiring models can take up our free services to get themselves noticed. By doing so you can make yourself highly visible to high fashion scouts and modelling agencies on the look out for fresh new talent.

Media Style London can help you to take your very first steps into your new modelling career, and help boost your profile to get you noticed and picked up by modelling agencies and talent scouts. We do this through offering you our industry specific expert advice, free testing photo shoot, mentoring and referral to appropriate modelling agencies.

Media Style London has a strong and reliable reputation within the modelling industry, and using our professional help and guidance can really kick-start your career in modelling and open up the doors to getting you into your desired role as a high-fashion model.

How we can help you take your first steps

Taking your first steps into a new and successful modelling career can seem like and overwhelming task. Models are the highly desirable tools used by top fashion brands to promote and sell their products. It is a models job to help to not only sell high fashion products, but to also sell the glamorous lifestyle that goes with the particular brand.

It is not just about standing around and looking pretty. A model also has to be an actor. You need to be able to get yourself into a character that suits the brand and takes on a persona that makes their target audience relate to them.

For you as an aspiring high-fashion model, this means that if you want to be chosen for a very high profile modelling contract, you should be able to demonstrate your skills and ability to become a character and convey that persona in everything you do.

This means not only looking the part in photo shoots, but to also live the character on the catwalk in front of people while perfectly showing off the products you are selling. You may have to overcome some personal challenges along the way, such as being comfortable with handling live snakes or posing with tarantula spiders. Your confidence and ability to work in extreme conditions will also shine through and be reflected in your body language and facial expressions. Be prepared to work in some unusual or extreme conditions, such as underwater shoots, or working in the snow, rain or wind.

How do I prepare for my modelling career?

Media Style London cater for many different modelling categories, such as Commercial Models, Plus Size, High Street Fashion, Mature Modelling, Male Modelling, Fitness Modelling, Child Modelling, and Film & TV. We have had so many years of experience working in the modelling and fashion industry that we know what we are looking for in new aspiring models, especially those wishing to work in high-fashion.

We can help you to find your perfect niche, whether that be in high-fashion modelling or not. We can take a close look at your characteristics and can advise the best route to starting out on your successful modelling career path. Registering with Media Style London is a great first step because we can help you with your first preparations to enable you to compete with and stand out from other models hoping to win their first modelling assignments. What you need to do is:

  • Register with aModelling platform to have your professional assessments done
  • Follow our advice about which modelling categories you are better suited for
  • Use our help and guidance to create an ideal modelling portfolio that best suits your modelling category and needs
  • Set up professional social media accounts promoting yourself as a model (we can show you how)
  • Be prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way

Media Style London have a wide network of modelling agencies and fashion industry contacts that specialise in your chosen modelling sector. We can help you to get a professional portfolio developed and circulated for maximum exposure.

We can help to prepare you to be ready for when a modelling assignment comes along, so that you are ready to grab it with both hands!

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