We are happy top work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
Rory Director
We Are The Best and we mean it, want to know how we know? Our customers tell us.
We are a creative film and photo production company hungry for quality in aesthetics. To create modern recognizable stuff we are working with a strong network of experienced professionals. We set up teams to shape your identity, push your idea and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.
01 Test Shoots Media Style London can be hired for test shoots for any modelling and or platform we offer a discounted rate of £500 per model for any studio booking more then 10 models a month
02 Studio Hire As we have only premium style studio we do not cater to the lower end of the market if you want to hire one of our studios they ill come with top quality equipment and start at £3000 per day
03 Fim Editing Suites Our film production suites start at £15,000 per week and as with all top production companies we always sign non-discloser agreements.
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Who We Are

We are a team of different artistic and skilled film producers who have the same aim of producing the best films to the beloved audience.

A truly great day

I loved my experience with Media Style your team are super friendly I've now been signed to TMA models so thanks for your help guys.
Lauren High Fashion Model

Media Style is a remarkable company

They all are witnesses. If you or your organization have a story to tell, an idea to share or word to spread, the Media Style London can help you bring it to life. They can assist with narrative exploration, director contacts and production strategies.
Areta Model and actress

Thanks for all the hard work guys.

Media Style London have been doing test shoot for our company for ever thanks for all the great work you guys do we totally recommend you.
Kiddy Models http://casting-modelling-uk.co.uk